Back in the Past

Here’s a ten pix gallery for 10 steps back in Bratt’s life.

Click on the pictures below to watch them in bigger size and read Bratt’s related comment at the footer

18 Responses to Back in the Past

  1. Sakuro says:

    Go for best eurobeat in 2012 mr sincraire!!!!!!

  2. yumi Sato says:

    Happy new year 🙂

  3. Terry Slohan says:

    We want Santa BRatt on this page too!!! aaaahhhh

  4. Jilly bench says:

    Merry Christmas bratt!!! and hny too!!

  5. Benji Marcall says:

    What are sinclaire favorite guitar heroes?

    • Trisha says:

      Dear Benji,

      Mr. Sinclaire started plying guitars in the 80’s and mostly loved Angus Young, Jeorge Lynch, Randy Roads, Eddy Van Hallen, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen
      Keep in touch!

  6. asher clover says:

    what about the second pic?? it’s really him?!! was that a kind of commercial or something??? OMG!!!

    • Trisha says:


      yes, absolutely! Bratt was chosen as Roberts testimonial when he was just 8 months!
      Then he continued to be involved in commercial of other various italian products untill he was 6 years…

      Keep in touch!

  7. Rick Banija says:

    yeah! i’d really like to hear something from LAYOUT!! are you guys allowed to that?? rick

    • Justin says:

      reply to Jilly Brown and Rick Banija

      For what we know there’s no trace of Bratt Sinclaire’s Lay out on ITunes and nope, we are not allowed to access old Sinclaire’s personal archives.
      Sorry about that guys…
      Anyways, we know for sure it was very much Hard Rock stuff. Sounding like Bon Jovi, Van Hallen, Europe etc.. etc..

      Keep in touch!

  8. Jilly brown says:

    do you believe it’s possible finding on itunes something from Layout?? just curious about that

  9. Akira says:

    mr sinclaire look like mother.. INCREDIBLE!!!! thank you mother!!!!!

  10. sakuro says:

    ah ah ah love baby sinclaire!!!!!!!! we want more of it!!!! more picure!!

  11. Hima says:

    it’s real hair of Sinclaire??? or fake?? hi hi!!!!

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