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The Stark truth interview

American show “The Stark truth” had me for an interview on my music and long career. Fun on the show together with both huge fans Robert Stark and Pilleater. Check it out here 

My own write up on Avex Publishing site

Avex Publishing official web-site released my write up over latest Niko small tour in Tokyo


together with Niko aka Maurizio Dejorio in Tokyo -october 16-

Il be in Tokyo during next 9-14 october together with Niko aka Maurizio Dejorio for his double historical live event.

9/10/16 AgeFarre/Ageha
13/10/16 Maharaja Roppongi -Live + Meet&Greet-

See you there!


Premium-Package+ autograph

Get my own authentic signature! “S.Style Premium-Package” is out now. 1 T.Shirt + 1 hat + 1 original S.Style “Eurobeat Killers Vol.2” CD authentically signed + 1 bonus lossless/MP3 track instant-download! Get the Premium-Package


Discography is back on!

Finally my complete discography page is back online!

Che it out here


Back to Xmas love!

Together with Dejo, Roberta and Nathalie “we” performed some dance routine on: “Xmas love



It’s my birthday!

Here I am! One year older but still rocking…

Merry Xmas!

A very merry Christmas to everyone!


Fausto and I just did it again

 Here we are back again folks!
Fausto guio and I gave each other a blasting hi-five for having accomplished a new HT m. piece:
 “Bad religion

My interview on S.E.B. Vol. 229


Read my interview in SEB Vol.229’s booklet
It’s about Eurobeat’s past, present and future. Cheers!

“Hyper Techno days” – The video –

 1 week of rap studio sessions.
Fausto Guio, Hip hyper and I working on many HT tracks
Special guests: Dejo, Roberta and Les.
Enjoy this 30 minutes video


SinclaireStyle online merchandising store

 I’m very proud of this!
The brand new SinclaireStyle merchandising and audio storefront is now on line here. Just wear a piece of me!

Happy new year!!

Happy new year folks!!

Back to Japan 2013

It was an amazing promo week in Tokyo together with fans and friends. Check out the VIDEO-DOCU

Tokyo 2013.11.14/21

I’m gonna be in Tokyo for a promotion week (13.11.14/21) and it would be great to meet all you guys there!

Up to date and ask my friendship HERE for dates and locations