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My own 1996/2018 complete discography is now online everywhere!

Very proud to announce my complete 1996/2018 Eurobeat and Techno discography is now online worldwide everywhere!
Enjoy it now by your fav streaming, download and video service!

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My own “InstagramTV” is on!

My brand new “InstagramTV” channel is open and frequently fed with spicy stuff in full leght!
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I’m in new Honey Hime official video

Well, yes I’m in this official video too…
Honey Hime are real princess. Watch’em below here

Honey Hime and Bratt Sinclaire

Check out this video on the recordings of Honey Hime’s very first SEB track called: 
“We wanna have it all”

Happy new year!

To all of you wherever you are:
Happy new year!

Marry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

My brand new FaceBook fan page

I’ve started my brand new FaceBook fan page!
Official Bratt SinclairePlease like it and be linked to tons of never seen contents and technical adds

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I’m on SnapChat!

Starting today I’m on Snapchat!
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My new Instagram

Moved my Instagram form #instasinclaire to
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