My discography

The complete discography since my career’s day 1.
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1 4 U BabeMargarethLeonardi - Pasquini - CariaABEATCRodgers1992
1 for the money 2 for the showNiko Leonardi SinclaireStyleSinclaire 1998 Live on dance floorMeganFoglia – Leonardi SinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
10 Thousand loversMirka
Leonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
911 (RUN!)IN2Panigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
AAA CybertoyPanigada – Leonardi – GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
ActionGroove TwinsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1992
Alibi Melody & Pretty Woman Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
All the love of my heartRobbie Grain feat Name Panigada - Lenardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
Alleluia Alleluia Happy Youth Leonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
Always on my mindSerenaLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Angel in loveCasanovaLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1995
ArmadaGung-hoLeonardi - Panigada - Guio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Atomic PlayboyMike SkannerLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1992
Ave AveThe ProphetLeonardi - Panigada - Guio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Babe C'monMike SkannerLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Baby queen seventeenMarko Polo Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Baby be happy because I love YouMadisonLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Back in black NandoLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Back to the futureDerrek SimonLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Bad boy boogie K.L. JonesLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Bang Bang CherrySonny BonoSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
Because I feelName Leonardi - Moroni DELTASinclaire 1999
Before TomorrowNuageLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2009
Behind the maskPentagonPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Behind you DominoLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire 1992
Better place to beDonnaFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Beverly HillsPaula RobertsLeonardi - Pasquini - GattiABEATCSinclaire1993
Big bang JulietLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1992
Big desireZa - ZaLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Big is your faith Kevin Johnson Leonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Big time Suzy LazyFoglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
Big troubleGroove TwinsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers1993
Black Jack FeverR.C.S.Leonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCRodgers-Contini-Sinclaire1992
Black leather The Prophet Panigada-Leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
Black NightEdoLeonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCRodgers1991
Black or whiteNando Foglia- Coen SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Black rainEdoLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Blue EyesDirty RosesLeonardi - Panigada - GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
Body BagsPentagonPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
BomberEdo Leonardi ABEATCSinclaire1995
Boom Boom DJMirka Leonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Boom boom fireD-EssexLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Born to be wildEdo Leonardi - Pasquini (Hinoky Team)ABEATCSinclaire1993
Break up your loveNandoLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Breaking the lawD-EssexLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Brew Time Hip HyperPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2009
Burning loveD-EssexLeonardi (Hinoky team)ABEATCSinclaire1994
Bye Bye goodbyeCherry Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
California GirlsGo go girlsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Call me Queen of TimesLeonardi ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1991
Calling me ZowieLeonardi - Guio - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Can you hear meKL JonesLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Can't help falling in love with youDonnaFoglia - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Captain AmericaDonnaLeonardi - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Christmas time Delta all starsLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Come and go Za - ZaLeonardi - MoroniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Come back Go go girlsLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Come on Roswell Leonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Come on let's rock Cool M.F.Leonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
CondomleezzaPentagonPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Confusion SheilaLeonardi - Pasquini - GattiABEATCSinclaire1993
Crash! Boom! Bang! Bang!PriscillaCoen - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
CrazyRobbie GrainUgolini - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2004
Crazy burning in the nightOld Jimmy Leonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Crazy for ou Go go girlsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Crazy LoveCasanovaCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Crazy night Boys Band Leonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Crazy trainThe ProphetLeonardi - Panigada - Guio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Criminal loveHip HyperPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Cybersexy girlPretty WomanUgolini - Bozzi - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire2003
Da burning TokyoTokyo FutureLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Dance around the fireelvisFoglia - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
Dance is back Groove TwinsLeonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1991
Dance the nation Edo Leonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Dance to the beatKorsiko Leonardi - Panigada SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
DancerMako Leonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
DancingVicky Vale Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Dancing crazyD-EssexLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Dancing daysPriscillaUgolini - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
Danger DangerJean CorraineLeonardi - Pasquini - Panigada ABEATCSinclaire1994
Dare to compareIn & Out Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
Dead or aliveIN2Panigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Dedicated to you Leslie Parrish Foglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
www . deltadance .comNewfield-Moroni-SinclaireLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Demolition man D-EssexLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
DesireTommy J.Leonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers1992
Destination unknown Morris De Jorio - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Dirty dance Go go girlsLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Dj Baam! Baam! Play the boom! Boom!CherryLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Do you knowValentinaLeonardi - PasquiniABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Do you need me Slow MotionLeonardi - Panigada - Omokaro SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Dog eat dogMega NRG ManLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire 1992
Dollar in my pocketDisco vegaLeonardi - Pasquini - SerbABEATCSinclaire 1992
Domino DancingDominoLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Don't forgetVirgin PowerCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Don't talk to (Stranger) EdoLeonardi -Pasquini -Contini (Hinoky Team)ABEATCSinclaire 1992
Drive me faster now Pretty WomanCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Dum dum BulletsSuzy LazyLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
EgoistHip HyperPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2009
Electric PowerNiko LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Electro violenceIndependence DaysLeonardi - Panigada - Guio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Endless loveMelodyLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Eternity DeniseLeonardi - Moroni - Burns SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
EurobeatDr. LoveLeonardi - Foglia - moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Every beat of your heartCherry Bozzi - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
ExcitableMako Leonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
ExorcistThe ProphetPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
F.A.Y.MMMLeonardi - GuioABEATCSinclaire1994
Face off Techno Mob Panigada - Guio - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2005
Face to faceVitoLeonardi - Pasquini - GattiABEATCRodgers1993
Fahrenheit euronightD-EssexLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
Fairy DustRain Drop ShowerLeonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
FashionPaul MurrayLeonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Feel like danceNewfield-Moroni-SinclaireTetsuya KomuroSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
feel like rock'n'rollSOS Feat AnnaliseLeonardi - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Feel LoveDavid RoadLeonardi - Pasquini - SerbABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Feel me Wayne L. Leonardi - Pasquini (Hinoky Team)ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1993
Feel the passionCasanovaLeonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCSinclaire1993
Feelin' aliveDrama Leonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Fight fire with fireExdreamLeonardi - Panigada - HarrisSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Fight Fire with fire 2007ExdreamPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Flame and fireToraLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Fly MelodyLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Forever YoungDominoLeonardi - PasquiniABEATCDomino & Sinclaire1992
Foxy ladyEdoLeonardi - Pasquini - Cantini - CariaABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Freedom Savateman Leonardi - Arlenghi ABEATCSinclaire1995
Fright nightIN2Panigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
GambareVicky Vale LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Get awayR.C.S.Leonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCRodgers -Contini-Sinclaire1992
Get me burning upDonna Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
Get up! IN2Panigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Gimme all your loveSheilaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Girls on film Groove TwinsLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Go save goalMorris & CherryLeonardi - Van den Belt - KreisherSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Go say goalMorris & Cherry Leonardi - Van den Belt - KreisherSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Go!ElvisCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Goddbye romanceMarie AldridgeLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Going BackThe GirlsCoen SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Gonna get you Star & SteveLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Goodbye JapanNewfield-Moroni-SinclaireLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Got to moveNo CompetitionLeonardi - Panigada - Guio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Got to runMadisonCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
H.S.E. Hyperstar Enery D-EssexLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
HallelujahLevel 11Leonardi - Pegoraro - Biondi - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Happy Birthday Groove TwinsLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Happy Xmas (War is over)Suzy LazyLennon - Ono SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Happy Happy LeilaLeonardi - MoroniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Hard body babyMaximum FactorPanigada-Leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
HardcoreCybertoyPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2009
He Hey dancingKing & QueenLeonardi - Pasquini - GattiABEATCSinclaire - Contini1993
Heart & Body N.R.G. BoysLeonardi-Pasquini-Van Den Belt-RoosenABEATCRodgers-Contini-Sinclaire1991
HeartbeatNathalieLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
HeavenDave RodgersLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1994
HellworldIN2Panigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
help me to say goodbyeCasanovaLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Hey Hey guyJean CorraineLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1991
Hey peopleDerrek SimonLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Hi voltageMMM feat Lady LustLeonardi - Guio - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Hide awayDisco vegaLeonardi - Pasquini - Raimondi ABEATCSinclaire1993
Higher ForcesMission One Panigada - Guio - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2005
Hit me kick me Cody De Jorio - Coen SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Hold back the fireThe girlsUgolini - Bozzi - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire2004
HolloweenVampsPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Horror The ProphetPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Hot fireR.C.S.Leonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCRodgers-Contini-Sinclaire1992
Hot hotDonna Ugolini - Bozzi - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
Hot legsJoe FosterLeonardi - Guio - Oliva - Foglia ABEATCSinclaire1994
Hot'n'readyAnnerley Gordon Leonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCRodgers-Contini-Sinclaire1991
How deep is your loveKelly WrightLeonardi - Pasquini - GulinelliABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
HunterPriscillaMoroni - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2004
HurricaneKarenHinoky TeamABEATCRodgers1993
Hyp Hype Hyp HypersPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Hyper techno fairyGold TiaraLeonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
Hyper Techno Mission Mission OneLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Hyperbeat tonight N.R.G. BoysLeonardi-Van Den belt-Kreisher-RoosenABEATCSinclaire & NRG Boys1992
HypergirlVirgin PowerCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Hypertechno JewelryGramorous PafaitPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Hypertechno venus Rain drop ShowerLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
Hypertechno warosDirty RosesLeonardi - Panigada - LeeSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
I believe in musicSuzy LazyLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
I can't stay without your loveCherry Bozzi - Leonardi - UgoliniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
I did it for loveCasanovaLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1995
I like you you like me Pretty WomanFoglia - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
I love disco danceSalt & PepperLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
I remember you Juliet Leonardi (Hinoky team)ABEATCSinclaire1994
I want to believeMarko Polo LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
I was made for loving you K.L. JonesLeonardi - PasquiniABEATCSinclaire1994
I Will SurviveMeganLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2009
Icedoll (instructions included)CybertoyPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
If you ever leave me MeganLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
If you leave me nowVeronica SalesLeonardi - PasquiniABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1991
IintuitionJulietLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
I'm a dee jay DJ EnergyLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
I'm a pacifistAnnaliseLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
I'm your lucky starMargarethLeonardi - Arlenghi ABEATCSinclaire1995
In my dreamsDeniseLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
In the heart of RomeZa - ZaLeonardi - Foglia - MoroniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
In the heat of the nightVeronica SalesLeonardi - Pasquini - GulinelliABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1993
In the name of loveCasanovaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
In the name of lovingDonna Leonardi - Bozzi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
In the night in the fireMakoFoglia - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
In the starsMakoUgolini - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2003
Invasion of privacy JulietLeonardi - KurmannABEATCSinclaire1993
It's my life Niko Bongiovi - Sambora - SandbergSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
It's only loveZa - ZaLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Jealousy killsDerrek SimonLeonardi - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Jewelry summerGramorous PafaitPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Jump jump Jan Jennar & C. Leonardi - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Jungle feverOfficer DBLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1995
KangarooSheilaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Keep my heart away from YouDramaLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Keep on loving youCherryLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Kick at my heartGroove TwinsLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1995
Killer HyperscaryPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2009
Kind & QueenKing & QueenLeonardi - ContiniABEATCSinclaire - Contini1991
King & Queen classic mix ToraLeonardi - ContiniSinclaireStyleSinclaire2009
KissesCherryFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Kisses of loveSuzy LazyLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Lay your hands on meDramaLeonardi - Moroni - Gelmetti DELTASinclaire 1995
Leaving planet earthEdo BoysCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Lesson to loveGroove TwinsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Let me be your babyVicky Vale Gelmetti - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Let me goVirginelleLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire 1992
Let's go wildNikoLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Let's spend the night togetherGroove TwinsLeonardi - Pasquini - CariaABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Life is always wonderful Name Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
Like a fireTokyo girls Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2005
Like a virgin VirginelleLeonardi (Hinoky team)ABEATCSinclaire1994
Listen to eurobeatTokyo FutureLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Listen to the rhythm CasanovaLeonardiABEATCSinclaire1995
Livin' on a prayer Niko Bongiovi - Child - Sambora SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
Living forVirgin PowerCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Living in AmericaVitoLeonardi - Pasquini - Panigada - RaimondiABEATCSinclaire1993
Lonely Night CherryUgolini - Bozzi - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire2003
Looking for loversDucky ChixLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Lost in the timeCasanovaLeonardi - Pasquini - CariaABEATCRodgers1992
Lovable loveLarabelleLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Love and Luxury Suzy LazyLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Love as a weaponLarabelleLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Love bang bang Groove TwinsLeonardi (Hinoky team)ABEATCSinclaire1995
Love childVicky Vale Leonardi - Moroni - Burns SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Love for saleDramaLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Love generationSuzy LazyLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Love in chinatownMr GrooveLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers1993
Love in the forthcoming centuryNathalieLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Love is in the airJean CorraineLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Love is like a heart on fireJulietLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1995
Love killerNandoLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Love me tenderLeilaLeonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Love shock Disco vegaLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
LovebreakerMako CoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Lover boyDonnaLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Mad desireMakoUgolini - Bozzi - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire2004
Mad LoveEdo Leonardi - PasquiniABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1991
Made in NY Techno MobLeonardi - Panigada - Guio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Made of fireNiko Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
MagicAlan FordLeonardi - Gatti ABEATCSinclaire1994
Make me believe CherryFoglia - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire2005
MasterpowerD-EssexLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
Max PowerDr Love feat D-EssexLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Maximum loveVicky Vale Bozzi - Ugolini - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
MegaloveGo go girlsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Mine is your loveMargaretLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers1993
Missing you JulietLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Mission to Tokyo Mako Foglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Mystery in loveVirginelleLeonardi (Hinoky team)ABEATCSinclaire1994
Modern loveLolitaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Money for nothingMike SkannerLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Money go Marko Polo Leonardi - Moroni - Gelmetti DELTASinclaire 1996
Moonlight shadowValentinaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
More than your loveJulietLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Move on now babyMeganLeonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Movin'MagmaPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Mr PresidentMarie AldridgeLeonardi - KurmannABEATCSinclaire1993
Music for hireD-EssexLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Music foreverD-EssexLeonardi - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Music go wildNandoLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Music has the powerDelta QueensLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
My baby's gonna break my heartLeslie Parrish Leonardi - Foglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
My body sweatVicky Vale Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2005
My eyes on youSonyaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
My LordTechno MobLeonardi - Panigada - Guio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
My rock is for JapanEdo BoysLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
My way Roswell De Jorio - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Never do Pretty Woman Foglia - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
Never give upMario RossLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers1992
Never never knowTechno MobLeonardi - Panigada - Guio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Night of fireNiko LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Niko KickboxingNiko & CherryLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Nine & a half weeksKelly WrightLeonardi - Pasquini - HalextonABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1991
No no baby DonnaLeonardi - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
No one sleep in Tokyo Edo BoysLeonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
No one sleep in Tokyo (techno v)Cool M.F.Leonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Nobody's perfectGo go girlsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Noise makerMMMLeonardiABEATCSinclaire1993
Nothing to looseVicky Vale Foglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Nothing's gonna change the way I love YouKristalCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Nothing's gonna stop me nowQueen of timesLeonardi - OlivaABEATCSinclaire1994
Occasional DreamValentinaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers & Matsura1992
Oh Oh Oh girls are dancing The Big Brother Leonardi - Ugolini - Pasquini - Grossi ABEATCRodgers1990
Ok all right!AnnaliseLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
On my own DonnaFoglia - leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
One and only Mako Leonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
One day queen (to Diana) CherryLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
One more night MelodyLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1995
Onto the beat of my bang! Bang!niko Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Over the top MMM & Dr DopeLeonardi - Guio - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Para Para CannibalVicky Vale Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
People Come on Eurobeat GirlsHill - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
PhantomHyperscaryPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Photograph Vicky Vale Foglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Pilot is the heroNikoLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
Please me nowLolitaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Poison Groove TwinsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Power of loving youSandyLeonardi SinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
PredatorMagmaPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Pretty womanLolitaLeonardi - Gatti ABEATCSinclaire1994
Princess fairyGold TiaraPanigada - Leonardi SinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Push Push BallerinaMario RossLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
RadioSalt & PepperLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
RainMako Foglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
Ready to fall in loveMelodyFoglia - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Rebel HeartMako LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Red desireDevirginizerPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Red HotJulietLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Remind me to forgetMadisonDe Jorio - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
RenegadeMargarethLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1995
Restless and wildD-EssexLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Revelation MargarethLeonardi - Foglia - Gordon ABEATCSinclaire1995
Ride the lionElvisLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Ringo BoyDJ EnergyLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1992
Rock me babeGo go girlsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire 1992
Rockbeat powerEurolive feat Dr LoveLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Rocket to eurobeatVicky Vale Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Rocking RomanceMargarethLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1992
Rocking with BraveTechno Mob & BrLeonardi AndreaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2005
Rock'n'roll emulation nando feat the ProphetFoglia - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
RockydanceEurobeat GirlsLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Round and roundCherryGelmetti - Moroni DELTASinclaire 1996
Run run to meGroove TwinsLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1992
RunawayDonnaLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
S.L.A.P. (sounds like a plan)Pain Killer Panigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Same old feelingCasanovaCoen SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Save the planet GreenpeaceLeonardi - Polli SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Saving the worldEurobeat GirlsFoglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Say you willLarabelleLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Sent by heavenPretty WomanUgolini - Coen - Bozzi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Set me freeConcept One Panigada-Leonardi-MorfawSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2005
Shake it up Drama Foglia - Coen SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2003
ShellfireMako Foglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
She's all rightCherry Foglia - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
Shibuya girl Vicky Vale Leonardi - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Shout!Cody Leonardi - De Jorio - Coen SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Show no mercy Black metal feat Lady LustLeonardi - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Slave to the rhythmDrama Leonardi - Coen SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Sleep in your armsValentinaLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1995
Snow FairyGold TiaraPanigada – Leonardi – GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
So What!Independence DaysLeonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
So what! 2007Independence DaysPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Solid rockCodyLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2004
Someone preciousDoloresCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
SomethingMadisonCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
SOSSOSLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Sound of LoveSonyaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers1993
Spark in the darkMan PowerLeonardi - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Speak in english JulietLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
SpeedwayNiko Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
Speedy speed boyMarko Polo LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
Spin my heartDeniseLeonardi - Green - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
SpitfireK.L. JonesLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1995
Stand up and shoutMargarethLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1994
Stars collideConstellation Leonardi - MoroniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Start the showElvisCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Still love you allMorris & Cherry Leonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Stop the fireVicky Vale Leonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Stop the lightning24 KLeonardi - Pegoraro - Polli - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Sun city Jennifer Batten & PasquiniJennifer Batten - PasquiniABEATCJennifer Batten - Pasquini1994
Super Mega Stars Domino & Niko Leonardi - Gatti - OlivaSinclaireStyleSinclaire - Domino - Oliva2009
Super sex symbolRoxanneLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Superbad NikoLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
SuperdanceVicky Vale Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
SuperfanDoloresCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Superfly CasanovaLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
SuperstormVampsPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
SurvivorExdreamPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
SuspiciousCasanovaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
SuspiriaVampsPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Suzy LazySuzy LazyLeonardi - Foglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Take it easyDerrek SimonLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
Take me away K.L. JonesLeonardi - Pasquini (Hinoky Team)ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1993
Take me to the topD-EssexLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Tango Tango VirginelleLeonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCRodgers-Contini-Sinclaire1991
Taste of loveAnnaliseLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Tell me a little secretKimberlyCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
TempoThe ProphetLeonardi - Panigada - Guio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
Thank you arigato D-EssexLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
The Fly MagmaPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
The HeroCasanova Bozzi - Ugolini - LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
The wanna be Techno MobPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
There must be an angel Leslie Parrish Stewart - LennoxSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
This house is on fireMr GrooveLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1995
This loveLeslie ParrishLeonardi - MoroniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2006
Ticket to rideJulietLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Time to danceLolitaLeonardi - Foglia - Gordon ABEATCSinclaire1994
TNTDerrek SimonLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Tokyo futureTokyo FutureLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Tokyo how are you tonightD-EssexLeonardi - PanigadaABEATCSinclaire1995
Tokyo Tokyo D-EssexLeonardi (Hinoky team)ABEATCSinclaire1995
Tonite my heartCrystalLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Too fast for loveDoki Doki Leonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Too youg to fall in loveEdo LeonardiABEATCSinclaire1995
Too Young To Fall In Love DejoLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2009
Tora tora toraDomino Leonardi (Hinoky team)ABEATCSinclaire1994
Trust meDelta all starsLeonardi - De Jorio SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
Turbo LoverKing & QueenLeonardi - Pasquini - ContiniABEATCSinclaire 1992
Turn me on Eurobeat GirlsLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
Under pressureCasanovaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
Up & Down VirginelleLeonardi - ContiniABEATCSinclaire - Contini1991
Up all nightAnnerley Gordon Leonardi - Gordon ABEATCSinclaire1993
Up down up Back to MarsLeonardi - Polli SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Valentino Mon AmourMirka Leonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
VampireVampsPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
VirginDevirginizerPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Walk a mile in my shoesCrystalFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2003
Walk in the streetK.L. JonesLeonardi ABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
Walkie talkieLolitaLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCSinclaire1993
We came for the rockNiko LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
We can make itVolume XLeonardi - PanigadaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
We go boom! You go boom!Tokyo FutureLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2001
We like it doom doomVicky Vale LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
We love waros Dirty RosesLeonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2007
Welcome to the showVicky Vale Leonardi - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Welcome to my worldKevin Johnson Leonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Welcome to the jungleRobert StoneLeonardi - PasquiniABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
What is loveVicky Vale Leonardi - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1999
When I close my eyesCherry LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1997
When I look at youLeila Bozzi - Leonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2004
While my love awaitsDramaLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
Why can't this be loveDramaLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Why notMelodyLeonardi - Foglia SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
Why Why Big Kim Leonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Woman in loveKelly WrightLeonardi - Pasquini - GulinelliABEATCRodgers1992
Women on timeThe GirlsLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1998
WonderboySuzy LazyLeonardi - Foglia - Moroni SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
Wonderful loving youPretty WomanFoglia - Coen SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2002
WorkaholicExdreamPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2008
Ya really want to hurt me K.L. JonesLeonardi - Pasquini - Cantini- CariaABEATCRodgers1992
YesterdayCherryLeonardi SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 1996
you and me JulietLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
You can do magicKelly WrightLeonardi - Pasquini ABEATCRodgers1993
You got me spellboundLeslie Parrish Foglia - Hill SinclaireStyle Sinclaire 2000
You really got me EdoLeonardi - PasquiniABEATCRodgers - Sinclaire1992
You're in love RoxanneLeonardi ABEATCSinclaire1994
SuperMegaStarsDomino & NikoLeonardi-Gatti-OlivaSinclaireStyleSinclaire/Oliva/Domino2009
Brew timeHip HyperPanigada-Leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire2009
HardcoreCybertoyPanigada-Leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2009
MidnightVampsPanigada-Leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2009
SapphireExdreamPanigada-Leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2009
Ghost faceHyperscaryPanigada-Leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2009
Live it up!NathalieLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2010
Bad religionThe ProphetPanigada-Leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2010
Toy for loveBonLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2010
Kiss my boo booMom and dadLeonardi-FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2010
I'll remember why I love youNathalieLeonardi-FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2010 Fire!DejoLeonardi-FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2010
Call my nameToraLeonardi-FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2010
Wheel power and go!Dejo & BonLeonardi-FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2010
Time to say bye byeMeganBozzi-Leonardi-UgoliniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2011
Passport to danceEurodudesLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2011
No turning backToraLeonardi-UgoliniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2011
Rock my heartRobertaLeonardi-Bozzi-UgoliniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2011
In my supercarNandoLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2011
Payback timeVenturaPanigada-leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2012
Boys gone wildDejoLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2012
Loving EurobeatDejo & BonLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2012
Bad joyToraLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
Walking alone in LondonMeganLeonardi-UgoliniSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
Tearful eyesLesLeonardi-FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
On my markPentagonPanigada-Leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
PrayerDucky ChixUgolini-LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
Pull the triggerBonLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
You got me boom! boom!ToraLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
Beat aroundLes & MeganLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
AngelNathalie & RobertaUgolini-Leonardi-BozziSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
Xmas loveSinclaireStyle all starsUgolini-LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
Wilder faster louderDejoLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2013
Mad desire (Platinum version)MakoUgolini-Bozzi-LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
The winner is meMeganLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
For the fansTora & DejoUgolini-Leonardi-BozziSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
Bling blingHip HyperPanigada-leonardi-GuioSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
Hey you!RobertaLeonardi-FogliaSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
Crazy love (Platinum version)CasanovaCoenSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
Music in actionBonLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
Bye bye love nightAnaFoglia-LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
Para para cannibal (Platinum version)Vicky ValeLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
In the eyes of a tigerDejo & BrattLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
Minimal loveNathalieFoglia-LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2014
Looking for a sexy boyLOLLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
Running on loveToraLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
Fire wireChaiLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
Like a din donRobertaLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
1 piece of the actionLatinaLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
Feel the power of rockBonLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
The men burning woldChaiLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
Hot bikini girlLOLLeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
Kiss againLes, Ana & RobertaFoglia-LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
Boom boom boosterToraFoglia-LeonardiSinclaireStyle Sinclaire2015
Power fighterBonFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2016
We rock 'em allDejo & ChaiLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2016
Burning in the rainRobertaLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2016
Bang my heartMeganLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2016
Really love yaNathalieFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2017
Gojira comes againChaiFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2017
Rocket to new planetBonFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2017
Set my love in flamesToraFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2017
Jump into the yellowAna & LoLLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyleSinclaire2017
GallopChai & RobertaLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyleSinclaire2017
Lightning over JapanDejoLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyleSinclaire2017
We wanna have it allHoney HimeFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2017
Love and affectionMako & Dr. LoveFoglia - LeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2003
Made for you Made for meHoney HimeLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2020
To live To dieLeslie ParrishLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2005
How to say goodbyeNameLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire1999
Bad boysNameLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2006
ImaginationX-SPolli - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire1996
Tequila boom boomBartenderPanigada - Leonardi - GuioSinclaireStyleSinclaire1999
Drifting all nightDejoLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2020
Eurobeat summerHoney HimeFoglia, Costa, Castrovilli, ScaramuzzinoSinclaireStyleSinclaire2020
Game overHoney Hime & The ProphetPanigada - Leonardi - Guio - Castrovilli - Costa - ScaramuzzinoSinclaireStyleSinclaire2020
We like it Doom Doom 2021Honey HimeLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2021
What's up Honey?Honey HimeLeonardi - Costa - Castrovilli - Scaramuzzino -SinclaireStyleSinclaire2021
Master busterDejoLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2021
Iron powerDejo & BrattLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2022
Para Para BeeHoney HimeFoglia, Costa, Castrovilli, ScaramuzzinoSinclaireStyleSinclaire2022
1234DJ John Robinson & Honey HimeRobinson - Costa - Castrovilli - ScaramuzzinoSinclaireStyleSinclaire2023
P-O-P- generationDJ John Robinson & Honey HimeRobinson - Costa - Castrovilli - ScaramuzzinoSinclaireStyleSinclaire2023
Fast laneRobertaLeonardi - FogliaSinclaireStyleSinclaire2023
Fire trailsDejoLeonardiSinclaireStyleSinclaire2023