My music

In the following highlighted sections you’ll find everything you’ve always wanted to know about my own composing, arranging, recording, mixing, remixing and producing

All about the true stories of my popular melodies and lots of “behind the scenes” of my greatest productions

My Eurobeat
Let’s dive into my own incredible Eurobeat adventure!

My Hyper Techno
Here’s the highlighted story of my own techno-music and it’s interaction with Eurobeat.

My greatest hits
Here’s a list of main smashing hits of all times

Me covered in Japan
This is where many of my own covered tunes are hi lighted 

Me as J-POP remixer
Here’s the story and the complete listing of Japanese-pop hits that Avex wanted me to remix

International hits remade with my own Eurobeat style
Let’s take a walk together into the international panorama and my own Eurobeat versions of some of the most popular tunes in the world

My music samples
Find here some of my most representative music productions

About me


If you have been asking yourself who ever is the guy who signed and produced so many of your favorites Eurobeat and Hyper Techno tunes…
well, following pages are definitely what you were looking for!


My Biography

This is about my career from his first steps in dance-music field to nowadays productions
It also includes never seen before pix 



Back in the Past
A funny pix gallery in 12 life-steps.



How I made it

After so many years and requests from all over the world I started this video series on called: “How I Made it

I wanted it to be a cool place where I can expose some secret keys of mine in producing my tracks 
and reveal many behind the scenes, untold stories related to one single production time by time.
In some cases, I also rig down my productions process so that, for the very first time, all of you can take a look into my super classic tracks’ production engine.