My music samples

Listen to some of Bratt Sinclaire’s most popular tracks

  1. King and Queen King & Queen
  2. Born to be wild Edo
  3. Mistery in love Virginelle
  4. F.A.Y. M.M.M.
  5. Tora tora tora Domino
  6. Burning love D.Essex
  7. Like a virgin Virginelle
  8. Too young to fall in love Edo
  9. Tokyo Tokyo D.Essex
  10. Yesterday Cherry
  11. When I close my eyes Cherry
  12. Love for sale Drama
  13. Endless love Melody
  14. Night of fire Niko
  15. Heartbeat Nathalie
  16. Speedway Niko
  17. 1234Fire! Dejo
  18. Wilder Faster Louder Dejo
  19. Wheel power and go! Dejo& Bon
  20. Tearful eyes Les
  21. Minimal love Nathalie
  22. Fire wire Chai

Some international hits remixed by Bratt Sinclaire

  1. There must be an angel Leslie Parrish
  2. Happy Christmas (war is over) Suzy Lazy
  3. Bang Bang Cherry
  4. Livin' on a prayer Niko
  5. It's my life Niko

Bratt Sinclaire’s tracks covered by various artists 

  1. Remembering yesterday (Yesterday) D&D
  2. Like a virgin Ai Miyake
  3. Brand new love (love for sale) D&D
  4. King and Queen D&D
  5. Endless love Max
  6. Haatoni hio tsukete Namie Amuro
  7. Heartbeat Passion
  8. Born to be wild Yoko Oginome
  9. Mistery in love Yoko Oginome

Bratt Sinclaire as J-pop remixer

  1. Feel like dance Globe
  2. Monochrome Ayumi Hamasaki
  3. Private wars Dream
  4. You Ayumi Hamasaki
  5. Far away Ayumi Hamasaki
  6. Faces places Globe
  7. Boy meets girl TRF

Sinclaire’s classic Season samples

  1. Happy Christmas Suzy Lazy
  2. There must be an angel Leslie Parrish
  3. Christmas time Delta all stars
  4. Xmas love S.Style all stars