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Yo guys, you all can now also follow me on Spotify as an artist.
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My brand new video Ep.3 on S.Style tube

… and here I am with my brand new video over “Bratt Sinclaire Eurobeat Styles” Youtube presentation. Episode 3 -Happy- is public now.
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BS Eb Styles Ep.2!

Proudly “Bratt Sinclaire Eurobeat Styles Ep.2 -Melodic-” has been released today guys!
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BS Eb Styles video is out!

Very proud announcing that the Ep. 1 -Aggressive- of 
“Bratt Sinclaire Eurobeat Styles” Youtube video is finally out.
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My own “InstagramTV” is on!

My brand new “InstagramTV” channel is open and frequently fed with spicy stuff in full leght!
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