Tokyo 2013.11.14/21

I’m gonna be in Tokyo for a promotion week (13.11.14/21) and it would be great to meet all you guys there!

Up to date and ask my friendship HERE for dates and locations


SinclaireStyle is now distributing worldwide all its brand new Eurobeat production beside Avex regular Asia territory Supereurobeat series CD release. Find them in all digital stores!

SinclaireStyle iTunes package

Happy New Year!!

Many amazing things are yet to come and many awesome tracks are just about to be released by SinclaireStyle. The new year 2013 is gonna be very exciting for both, Eurobeat and HyperTechno.
So, hold it on guys. Happy new year!!

Bratt Sinclaire on SKY TV!


BRATT SINCLAIRE interviewed by italian SKY-TV!
He talks about EUROBEAT and his own evergreen-tracks in Japan! Click on the pic below to watch it!


Happy new year!!!

Dear all, I deeply appreciate your warm support through this web site. Merry Christmas and happy new year!